Ministry of Emergency Situations addresses people on fire safety rules

The State Fire Control Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations continues fulfilling its duties to ensure fire safety in the country.

The statistic analysis of fires across the republic shows that the great majority of fires account for the residential sector. Approximately 50% of the fires in the residential sector are caused by the violation of fire safety rules while installing and using electric appliances and 15% while installing and using gas appliances. Moreover, negligence while doing welding work and unattended children's playing with fire are also among the major factors that cause fire.

With the view of ensuring safety of our citizens, we address the people and reiterate the importance of observing fire safety rules:

- Entrust the installation of electricity and gas networks only to specialists and use quality products for this purpose!

- Do not use gas appliances failing to meet the standards as they may cause poisoning, fire and explosion!

- Do not overload power lines and extension cords!

- Do not leave electric and gas appliances plugged at home!

- Do not store flammable substances inside the apartment, in balconies and staircases!

- Do not turn on the lights when you smell gas when entering the apartment, open the doors and windows, shut down the gas pipe and call a specialist!

- Do not allow children to use electric and gas appliances!

- Do not leave little ones unattended!

- Do not throw unextinguished matches and cigarette butts in the dustbin or out of the balcony!

It should be taken into account that it is easier to prevent fire than to extinguish it. Do not endanger the lives of yourself and your loved ones! Protect your flats and property from fire!

Do not forget: Ignorance of rules poses a threat to our lives!

Call 112 in case of danger!




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N 02 (732) - 2022-01-22



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