Ministry of Emergency Situations addresses people on carbon monoxide hazard

As the people's need for natural gas increases in winter, violation of safety rules when using gas appliances causes carbon monoxide hazard. The Ministry of Emergency Situations once again underlines the importance of observing the following rules in order to prevent this hazard that may cause death:

- a gas appliance must be in line with the standards;

-  the height of the place, where the appliance is, must not be below 2.20m;

-   ventilation system must be workable, small window must be open;

-    there must be ventilation pipe in the bathroom, holes at the bottom of the door;

-  smoke ducts must be cleaned twice a year.

Remember! Carbon monoxide is odourless! 

Symptoms of poisoning: headache, dizziness, weakness.

The person poisoned from carbon monoxide must be carried outdoors, clothes impeding breathing must be taken off, ambulance must be called! 

Do not forget: Ignorance of rules is a threat to our life!

Call 112 in case of danger! 




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Print version

N 02 (732) - 2022-01-22



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