MES State Fire Control Service continues holding events to raise awareness on fire safety during cotton harvesting

The Ministry of Emergency Situations holds a range of events to raise awareness on fire safety during cotton harvesting.

The MES State Fire Protection Service held events to raise awareness on fire safety at Goranboy cotton processing plant of Azerpambig ASK LLC, Zerdab branch of MKT IK LLC and Kurdemir Pambig OJSC.

The events were attended by officials and employees of these enterprises.

The events on "Fire safety requirements during the supply and processing of cotton" highlighted the importance of providing agricultural machinery involved in the collection, transportation and processing of raw cotton with primary fire extinguishers, spark arrestors and brooms. It was also noted that bonfires, open fires and smoking are not allowed in and near cotton fields and cotton drying areas. The speakers also underlined the need to build roads to water sources, to have areas near the pools for cars to turn and maneuver.




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N 37 (721) - 2021-10-23



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