Technical safety is the basis for healthy work environment

The State Agency for Safe Working in Industry and Mountain-Mining Control of the Ministry of Emergency Situations held a seminar-conference on the theme "Technical safety is the basis for healthy work environment" at Karabakh Regional Center.

The event organized in Guzanlisettlement focused on analysis and preventive measures for ensuring technical safety at the hazardous industrial facilities.

The seminar-conference was attended by chiefs of the Agency's inspectorates, authorized representatives of the State Scientific-Research Institute for Labor Protection and Safety Engineering, Ministry of Emergency Situations, employees of Karabakh Regional Center, representatives of different spheres of industry, entrepreneurs and businessmen. Discussions were held on the observation of technical safety norms at the hazardous industrial facilities, prevention of accidents and preventive measures.

Making a keynote speech at the seminar-conference, deputy chief of the Agency for Safe Working in Industry and Mountain-Mining Control PiriGuluzadeh spoke about the measures taken in the country for the development of entrepreneurship under the leadership of President IlhamAliyev, said as restrictions imposed on inspections with the view of creating necessary conditions for entrepreneurs were lifted in January, 2020, and in connection with the resumed inspections at industrial facilities, control was tightened over fulfilment of the requirements of normative-technical documents.

Addressing the event, assistant of the chief engineer of Terter Regional Gas Supply Department IsmayilMammadov, engineer on technical safety of Berde Irrigation Systems Department ElseverMammadov, authorized employees of the Agency's industrial inspectorates Rauf Jafarov, RafailHajiyev and IntigamSalmanov, director of the sector for establishment of data system of the Department for State Registration and Data NamikIsmayilovsaid accidents that happened in different spheres of industry over the recent years had been investigated, informed the participants of the seminar about the measures to be taken to prevent them in time, drew attention to the state of technical safety and the existing shortcomings at the facilities controlled by the Agency in Karabakh region.

Deputy director of Azerbaijan State Scientific-Research Institute for Labor Safety and Technical Safety NatigSeyidahmadov talked about the major directions in investigating industrial safety and ensuring technical safety, gave information about the rules, guidelines, normative-technical documents used in regulating technical safety in industry. He also underlined the importance of raising awareness on technical safety.

The participants' questions on technical safety measures were answered at the end of the event.




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