Appeal of the Ministry of Emergency Situations to the population regarding the safety rules related to Novruz holiday (video)

Violation of fire safety rules in a number of cases during various ceremonies related to the Novruz holiday, which embodies the national and moral values of our people and is dear to all of us, including events organized on Tuesday evenings (Charshanba), eventually leads to serious effects and bitter consequences.

Therefore, during the celebrations held in connection with the Novruz holiday, it is necessary to strictly observe all the requirements related to fire safety.Thus,

  • bonfire should be set at a safe distance from electrical wires, trees, cars, houses and other combustible materials;
  • children gathered around the bonfire should be kept under control by adults;
  • one must be careful when jumping over a bonfire;
  • bonfire should be kept under control until fully put off;
  • lit candles should not be left unattended.

Remember: Rules indifference - is a threat to our lives!

Call 112 in case of danger!

Information of MES’s Press-service (video)

The "112" hotline of the Ministry of Emergency Situations received information that people were trapped in the elevators in a nine-story residential building located at 88 Babak Avenue, Khatai district, Baku, and a seventeen-story residential building at 105 Gara Garayev Avenue, Nizami district, Baku. ...

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Information of MES’s Press-service

Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Azerbaijan continues to fulfill its responsibilities, including the protection of the population and territories from natural and man-made emergency situations. ...

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Appeal of the Ministry of Emergency Situations to the population on fire safety rules during Novruz Tuesdays

Non-observance of fire safety rules when organizing a series of ceremonies, including making bonfires on Tuesdays (Charshanba) regarding the upcoming Nowruz holiday eventually leads to tragedies. ...

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