MES Ganja Regional Center holds exemplary civil defense exercise

The Ganja Regional Center of the Ministry of Emergency Situations held an exemplary civil defense exercise on warning and gathering with the Gazakh district non-militarized areal civil defense teams.

The relevant structural units of MES Ganja Regional Center, Civil Defense Headquarters of Gazakh district Executive Authority and Emergency Situations Commission, staff of the areal civil defense forces were involved in the event on the theme "Activities of non-militarized areal civil defense teams on warning gathering alarm in case of emergencies".

The exercise aimed at checking the level of quick readiness of the areal civil defense forces to respond to emergencies and coordinating joint activities in crisis situations, improving the management knowledge and skills of the command staff and instilling practical skills on warning gathering in the staff.

During the exercise, activities on warning non-militarized areal civil defense teams on the emergency situations, marching to the gathering point, organizing assembly and management were checked, as well as reports on functional tasks were heard.

In the end, the exercise was analyzed, shortcomings were noted and relevant instructions were given.

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