Appeal of the Ministry of Emergency Situations to the population on fire safety rules in New Year festivities (video)

The New Year is coming, which everyone celebrates with great joy. But festive events around the decorated fir tree also pose a fire hazard. Unfortunately, it should be noted that sometimes ignoring the simplest safety rules eventually causes tragedy.

Regarding the above-mentioned, the Ministry of Emergency Situations appeals to the population, including the heads of places where New Year festivities will be held, and reminds once again of the importance of observing the following fire safety rules:

- the fir tree decorated in houses and party centers must be fixed to the floor, branches of the tree must not touch the ceiling and walls;

- electric devices meeting standards must be used for lighting;

- the fir tree must not be decorated with flammable toys;

- fireworks must be avoided indoors.

Besides, the following should be taken into account during the festivities:

- the party must not be held higher than the second floor;

- the wall, ceiling and floor of the party place must be fire resistant;

- there must not iron bars on the window;

- the party place must have two exits;

- green light electric board with the word "Exit" must be hung over the emergency door;

- there must not be anything preventing free exit at emergency exits;

- evacuation routes must be lit and lead directly to the exit;

- the doors of the room must be opened outside;

- the number of people must not exceed the limit;

- the light must not be fully switched off during the party;

- clothes made of flammable materials must be avoided;

- the festivity place must be provided with primary fire extinguishers.

We also inform you that according to the legislation, the heads of all facilities and enterprises, regardless of the form of ownership, are responsible for ensuring fire safety. Therefore, on the eve of the event, all devices, equipment, etc. related to the fire protection system of the facility must be inspected, as well as all employees of the facilities must be instructed against fire and should know exactly their duties in case of fire. The heads of the places where the events will be held are required to ensure the fire safety requirements within the framework of their responsibilities and to agree on the holding of the events with the State Fire Control Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. The heads of facilities can apply the Service and get methodical assistance and expert opinion on the issue.

Remember: Indifference to the rules is a threat to our lives!

Call 112 in case of danger!

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