MES’s appeal to the population in connection with the expected weather

According to the information of the National Hydro meteorology Department under the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, The weather is expected to change and strong winds are expected in the country on the night of April 9-10. Due to the prevailing weather conditions, the Ministry of Emergency Situations advises the population not to go outside in strong winds for safety reasons.

However, if a strong wind blows you on the street, it is recommended to stay away from light and temporary structures, buildings and billboards, not to stand under electric poles and wires, tall trees. In this case, it is necessary to move carefully and try to hide in the basement of a nearby building or in a solid building.

It is also recommended to strictly follow fire safety rules, taking into account the complexity of extinguishing fires, especially in the open air, during strong winds.

Remember: Indifference to the rules is a threat to our lives!

Call 112 in case of danger!

MES State Fire Control Service holds a range of awareness-raising events

The State Fire Control Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, within its competence, continues to take necessary measures to ensure fire safety in the country. ...

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Exemplary civil defense exercise held with the civil defense teams in Khachmaz district

The Northern Regional Center of the Ministry of Emergency Situations held an exemplary civil defense exercise on warning and gathering with the Khachmaz non-militarized areal civil defense teams. ...

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Information of MES’s Press-service (video)

Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Azerbaijan continues to fulfill its responsibilities, including the protection of the population and territories from natural and man-made emergency situations. ...

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