Information of MES’s Press-service (video, photo)

According to the information received by the Ministry of Emergency Situations, a landslide occurred in some places in Veri Aliabad village of Lerik district. As a result, three private houses in the village got seriously damaged for living. According to experts, in order to ensure the safety of residents, it became necessary to relocate families living in houses located in the landslide zone to a safe area.

Taking into account the above, the Southern Regional Center of the Ministry of Emergency Situations has set up three tent houses for the temporary residence of families living in these houses.

MES State Fire Control Service holds a range of awareness-raising events

The State Fire Control Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, within its competence, continues to take necessary measures to ensure fire safety in the country. ...

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Exemplary civil defense exercise held with the civil defense teams in Khachmaz district

The Northern Regional Center of the Ministry of Emergency Situations held an exemplary civil defense exercise on warning and gathering with the Khachmaz non-militarized areal civil defense teams. ...

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Information of MES’s Press-service (video)

Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Azerbaijan continues to fulfill its responsibilities, including the protection of the population and territories from natural and man-made emergency situations. ...

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