Appeal of the Ministry of Emergency Situations to the population regarding the hazardous remains of the war in the liberated territories

Immediately after the liberation of our occupied lands for almost 30 years as a result of the 44-day Patriotic War by the brave Azerbaijani Army under the wise leadership of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief Mr. Ilham Aliyev, operations were launched to clear areas heavily contaminated with mines and unexploded ordnance. Along with the relevant government agencies, the Ministry of Emergency Situations is directly involved in these operations. Over the past period, thanks to the coordinated activities of government agencies, a large area was cleared of mines and unexploded ordnance, and reconstruction and construction work is currently underway in these territories. The measures taken bring closer the day when our compatriots, the real owners of those lands, will return to their ancestral lands.

However, large quantities of mines and unexploded ordnance remain in the liberated areas and currently the relevant government agencies, including the Ministry of Emergency Situations, continue to work to eliminate this threat. We thank every citizen who shows patience in this regard, understands the most important safety issues, pays attention the rules established by the state, and refrains from illegal visits to the liberated territories.

Unfortunately, in addition to mines and unexploded ordnance, a large number of handmade explosive items are also found in the liberated areas. So that, explosives placed in different items for different purposes can lead to great tragedies with a small touch. The biggest threat of such items is that they are deceptive in appearance, and in many cases look attractive and interesting to children. As a result of various meteorological factors, including local floods and mudslides, such items are also found around settlements near the liberated areas.

Taking into account the above-mentioned, the Ministry of Emergency Situations recommends that our citizens living in settlements near the liberated territories immediately inform the "112" hotline of the Ministry of Emergency Situations or the "102" hotline of the Ministry of Internal Affairs without touching any encountered unknown objects. In particular, not leaving children unattended, holding regular awareness-raising conversations within the family on these issues are important contributions to ensuring safety.

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