Information of Ministry of Emergency Situations

In order to ensure reliable protection of the people in peacetime and wartime by the Ministry of Emergency Situations together with the relevant government agencies, in our cities and districts the level of readiness, capacity of    collective protection installations,  as well as shelters, shelters against radiation and basements, the capabilities of communication and warning system, utilities, existing infrastructure and communication systems, agencies operating in the field of transport, health facilities were comprehensively analyzed, and appropriate measures were taken in this direction.

Also, taking into account the provocative nature of the military-political leadership of the Republic of Armenia and the fact that our country is at war, the Ministry of Emergency Situations took the necessary measures to ensure civil protection of the people living in the frontline as appropriate. So, extensive awareness-raising work was carried out on the rules of necessary safe behavior in case of possible enemy attack among the residents of settlements located in the frontline zone and on the line of contact. In this context, with the participation of representatives of other relevant government agencies, the rules of behavior in case of emergency situations, especially in wartime, rules of proper using temporary shelters built in the backyards of villagers in order to protect against the enemy fire were instilled in the people. In this regard, the required number of temporary shelters were created in the settlements along the frontline for protection against enemy artillery strikes. Besides, the state of the communication and warning system was analyzed in order to warn the people in time about large-scale emergency situations in peacetime and enemy attacks in wartime, for this purpose, appropriate measures were taken using alternative methods.

Note that, Ministry of Emergency Situations operates in enhanced mode to immediately eliminate damage caused to various facilities, including civil facilities, private houses and multi-storey residential buildings, farms, infrastructure facilities as a result of enemy's artillery shelling, fires that occur as a result of strikes.

The 3rd meeting of the Joint Economic, Trade and Technical Commission between the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Government of the State of Qatar held

On October 18, 2021, the 3rd meeting of the Joint Economic, Trade and Technical Commission between the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Government of the State of Qatar was held at the Ministry of Emergency Situations....

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Meeting held with cadets and their parents at the Academy of the Ministry of Emergency Situations

Opening the meeting, the chief of the Academy, Major-General Baba Salayev, congratulated the parents of the cadets and thanked them for the decision to send their children to study at the MES Academy. ...

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Information of MES’s Press-service (video)

As reported, necessary measures were taken by the forces of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, including the State Fire Protection Service, Civil defense troops, Special Risky Rescue Service, Aviation Unit and the relevant forces of the North-west Regional Center to eliminate the consequences of short-term floods......

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