Modular hospital of the Health Center of the Ministry of Emergency Situations for the treatment of coronavirus patients is inaugurated (Video)

The inauguration of the modular hospital of the Health Center of the Ministry of Emergency Situations for the treatment of coronavirus patients is one of the important steps of the Azerbaijani government for struggle against the disease in the background of the rapid spread of COVID-19 infection.

The modular hospital situated in Zigh settlement, Baku meets the last standards. All conditions were provided for the treatment of coronavirus patients at the modular hospital and it was equipped with modern devices.

The hospital first inaugurated on July 7, 2020 was expanded from 800 beds to 2277 beds throughout the last 43 days.

Each bed at the hospital is provided with the device connected to oxygen line.

  • 104 beds in each of the 4 new large corpses – 416 beds
  • 80 beds in each of the 3 new small corps – 240 beds
  • in the old corpses – 691 beds

In the treatment and diagnosis corps:

  • 105 reanimation beds
  • 160 intensive therapy beds
  • Hemodialysis – 1 bed
  • Hemofiltration – 1 bed

There are 267 reanimation beds in sum.

At the hospital there are:

  • 100 artificial respiration devices
  • 4 oxygen stations
  • 2 centralized compressors
  • 1 computer tomography device
  • 6 portative and one stationary USMs
  • Gastroscopy, bronchoscopy, colonoscopy
  • 300 Edan patient monitors
  • 5 defibrillators
  • 3 portative X-ray devices
  • 17 portative EKG devices
  • 1 EEQs
  • 1 hemodialysis
  • 1 hemofiltration
  • clinical, biochemical, bacterial, microbiological PSR laboratories.

The conditions at the modular hospital allow quick and effective treatment of the coronavirus patients. There is data management system at the hospital. All data about the treatment process at the central task force and the treatment is guided from the task force. The medical data of the patients, treatment procedures and all other medical and non-medical processes can be followed in and out the hospital through this system. And the system also allows to follow any activity period of the hospital.

Today the inauguration of this modular hospital and the significant and effective steps for struggle against this disease is an obvious manifestation of the special attention and care of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and First Vice-President Mehriban Aliyeva to population’s health protection and development of healthcare system of the country.

The construction of modular hospitals is of great importance. The quick construction of such kind of hospitals ensures new options for conducting all feasible preventive measures in struggle against the coronavirus and responding to this global challenge in the country.

In general, bringing into service these modular hospitals has a great role in joint management and medical coordination for provision of the persons infected with coronavirus with necessary medical services.

These important steps are now helping to protect public health and control the disease. 

The peculiarity of the hospital is the application of specialized medical data system for coronavirus infection which is introduced in Azerbaijan for the first time and unique in medical practice.

The medical data system ensures intellectual support for the optimization of medical personnel’s work and making individual clinical decisions for each patient.

Accepted to the hospital the patient is registered by the specially trained nurse, undergoes an epidemiological analysis, review and examination and the results are uploaded to the electronic data system. Thus the system creates the clinical record of the patient, assesses patient’s condition and defines the extent of necessary instrumental and laboratory examinations.

After the conducted manipulations are registered by the nurse via the electronic signature, the clinical record and information of the current condition and the basic and examined diagnosis of the patient are sent to physician’s electronic device. Studying the received data the physician examines the patient, approves the received data or makes relevant corrections. After proving the examination the physician gets the opportunity to see the list of therapeutic means, as well as antiviral, anti-inflammatory and anticoagulant medicines, infusion therapy and oxygen provision regimes and etc. recommended according to international protocols. The physician selects necessary treatment scheme from these recommendations and registers it. The physician’s prescriptions are sent to nurse’s tablet after getting signed electronically by the physician. The nurse gets informed via an audible signal about the prescriptions sent by the physician and starts their implementation and registration promptly. The nurse conducts graphically the dynamic examination of respiratory rate, blood oxygen supply, blood pressure, electrocardiography indexes which are written in examination card. The Medical Data System allows the prognostic assessment of the dynamics of change, shows the possible complications on the monitor of the tablet, and provides recommendations related with the corrections in the treatment and oxygen therapy. The system allows the transfer of the data on the dynamic observation of bio-parameters and the descriptions of electrocardiographic examinations of the patients to the Centre of Observation of Patients, collegial discussion of complicated cases and organizing discussions with foreign experts via the Tele Medical Consultation canals.

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