MES calls on fire safety on New Year holidays (Video)

In connection with the New Year, the possibility of fires increases significantly. The Ministry of Emergencies calls on citizens to observe the following safety rules:

  • the Christmas tree in apartments and entertainment facilities must be firmly attached to the floor, while its branches should not touch the ceiling and walls;
  • for lighting, use electrical appliances and devices that meet the standards;
  • the tree should not be decorated with flammable toys;
  • fireworks should not be held indoors.


At a holiday event the following should be considered:

  • the event should not take place above the second floor;
  • the walls, ceiling and floor of the room must be made of refractory materials;
  • there should be no bars on the windows;
  • the venue should have two exits;
  • there should be an electric panel with a green inscription "Exit" on the emergency door;
  • the doors of the room should open outwards;
  • there should not be people more than provided in the venue;
  • the light should not be turned off completely;
  • do not were flammable clothing for the holiday event$
  • the venue must be equipped with fire fighting equipment.

Remember: Rules indifference - is a threat to our lives!

Call to 112 in case of danger!

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