Fire tactical exercise was held at Fairmont Hotel

On December 18, 2019, Yasamal District State Fire Protection Section of the State Fire Protection Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations held fire tactical exercise together with the Prompt Rescue Service Department of the Special Risky Rescue Service at the Fairmont Hotel at the Flame Towers in Baku.

The aim of the exercise was finding out the source of the conditional fire, examination, rescuing of the suffered persons, as well as carrying the evacuation through gathering the hotel personnel and the guests to the assembly point, quick extinguishing of fire and training the personnel evacuation rules.

The first stage of the exercise was awareness raising lecture and seminar on conduct rules and first necessary steps in possible emergencies for the personnel of the hotel.

The second stage was bringing of the forces of the Ministry of Emergency Situations to the fire spot, evacuation of the people and organizing of fire extinguishing.

Three special technical equipment and 24 personnel of the Ministry of Emergency Situations were involved in the exercise. The aims ahead were reached at the exercise.

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