On January 3, the Ministry of Emergency Situations held a working consultation on the search for missing mountaineers in the mountainous area of Guba

On January 3, the Ministry of Emergency Situations held a working consultation with Deputy Minister for Emergency Situations Lieutenant-General Etibar Mirzayev in connection with the search for the missing mountaineers in the mountainous region of Guba. The operational consultation was attended by the heads of agencies involved in search and rescue operations.

At the operational meeting, the work done to date on the mountaineers' searches has been analyzed, the works to be done in the coming days have been reviewed and appropriate instructions have been given.

It was noted that, taking into account the sharp deterioration of meteorological conditions (up to 1.4 m, temperature drop, strong wind drop, reduced image disturbance) in recent days, search and rescue activities are restricted, but without interruptions.

Search and rescue operation organized by the Ministry of Emergency Situations includes brigades of the Ministry of Emergency Situations (equipped with appropriate clothing, communication equipment and other rescue equipment), employees of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, the Group of volunteers of professional mountaineers and local residents.

Depending on the meteorological conditions, the helicopter of the Ministry of Emergency Situations is involved.

Other issues were also discussed at the meeting.

The operational consultation is again deplored by the fact that some news sites distort information that is not accurate, especially about the activities of government agencies involved in the operation, despite the constant update of information on the work, the complexity of the operating environment and the sensitivity of the situation,

The Ministry of Emergency Situations appealed to the mass media, public representatives and social network users to encourage non-use of unofficial and unclear information on the activities of the Ministry, especially the events that have taken place and advise those who disseminate such information to be attentive.

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