Fire safety must be observed in grain fields, pastures and forest fund areas

Headquarters were set up at Tartar and Jalilabad region Executive Authorities with the view of preventing fires in the sown areas in connection with ensuring fire safety. Senior officials of the Executive authorities, territorial representatives of the Executive authorities, municipality chiefs, and other relevant persons were involved in the headquarters.

Conferences organized by senior officials of executive authorities and regional departments of the MES State Fire Control Service were held in the open air with the participation of staff members of headquarters following the rules of a special quarantine regime in Tartar region on June 18, 2020 and in Jalilabad region on June 25, 2020. Speeches were made on fires occurred in the sown areas and the work done to prevent the fires. Officials of the Aran and South Regional State Fire Control departments spoke about the importance of fire safety measures in grain fields, pastures, and forest fund areas during the conferences.

MES State Fire Control Service holds awareness-raising events

Karabakh regional State Fire Control Department of MES State Fire Control Service held awareness-raising events in a grocery store, as well as in a workshop for the production of bread and flour products in Shusha city on January 9, 2021. ...

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Staff of MES Agdam region State Fire Protection Unit awarded honorary diplomas

A meeting was held with the staff of the Agdam region State Fire Protection Unit of the MES State Fire Protection Service. Talks were held with firefighters about their services in the Patriotic War, and they were awarded honorary diplomas and gifts. ...

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Member of MES Judo team awarded the title of "Master of Sports"

On September 25, 2020, under the decision of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Nigar Shammammadova, a member of the judo team consisting of teenagers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations was awarded the title of "Master of Sports" of the......

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