Follow the rules of fire safety in the forest

  • 05 August 2013

Report conference on the results of the “Rehabilitation of the areas of the former Neftchala iodine and bromine plant contaminated with natural radionuclide content of coal, oil, petroleum products and other wastes" project was held at the MES

  • 06 September 2014

Rescue units of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Azerbaijan took part in the "Safe Caucasus-2014" International exercise held in Georgia

  • 05 September 2014

“Organization of interaction among the bodies of the Ministry of Emergency Situations during emergencies" special tactical exercise

  • 29 August 2014

The academy of the Ministry of Emergency Situations

  • 09 August 2014

A desert speech on the "Organization and conduct of search and rescue operations at mountainous and difficult terrain areas"

  • 08 August 2014

A solemn ceremony to mark the graduation of the graduates was held at the MES Academy

  • 18 July 2014

"The young rescuer and firefighter" - III National Championship and "The young rescuer" - II International Races devoted to the 91st anniversary of National leader Heydar Aliyev

  • 28 June 2014

Action Plan on "Partners in Education" project was signed

  • 19 June 2014