General Information

South Regional Center - Established on 16 December 2008. 

Regulations of the South Regional Center - 
Approved by the Order No 075 of 7 October 2009 of the Minister of Emergency Situations.

Brief information about the coverage area
The center includes Lankaran city, Lankaran, Masally, Astara, Lerik, Yardymly & Jalilabad regions.

  • Area – 6070 km2
  • Population – 832,200

The area occupied by the South Regional Center is located in a seismically active zone & has areas risky with landslides & overflows. Explosions and fires, destructions of buildings and facilities, transport and other accidents inherent to other cities of the Republic are also common in areas covered by the South RC.

Address: AZ 4200, Digah village, Lankaran-Astara highway. 
Phone: (012) 512-38-18
Tel/fax: (02525) 4-04-38