General Information

North-West Regional Center - Established by the Order No 036 of 17 April 2008 of the Minister of Emergency Situations.

Regulations of the North-West Regional Center - Approved by the Order No 075 of 7 October 2009 of the Minister of Emergency Situations.

Brief information about the coverage area 
North-West Regional Center includes 10 administrative districts which are located on the south of the Greater Caucasus mountain range. 

Area - 14970 km2 
Population - 835 732. 

Located in a seismically active zone it has areas risky with landslides and overflows. Explosions and fires, destructions of buildings and facilities, transport and other accidents inherent to other cities of the Republic are also common in areas covered by North-West RC.

Address: AZ 3600, Gabala city, 46 Elchin Karimov street.
Phones: (994 24) 205-43-10,  (994 12) 512-16-61
Fax: (994 12) 512-16-02, (994 12) 512-16-11