Caspian Basin Accident-Rescue Service


Fuad Ramiz oglu Bagirov

Reception room:
Tel:  (012) 512-45-02; 512-45-46; 512-45-61  
Fax: (012) 512-45-46

About activities of the Service:
Caspian Basin Accident-Rescue Service is a body carrying out management, coordination and control, within its own competences inside of the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan and also in Azerbaijan sector of the Caspian Sea, in the fields of protection of areas from disasters, prevention of emergency situations and elimination of their consequences, as well as urgent reaction to emergency situations resulted from spill of oil or oil products, also in case of happening or risk of emergency situation in water and land, organisation of activity for their prevention and elimination of their consequences, carrying out search and rescue works during accidents and catastrophes in waters.

Address: AZ 1023, 3 Sabayil bay, Baku, Azerbaijan
Official web address: