Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan


Article 142. Organisation of local self-government

I. Local self-government is carried out by municipalities.

II. Municipalities are formed based on elections.

III. The foundations of the status of municipalities shall be determined by given Constitution. The regulations of elections to the municipalities shall be determined by law.

Article 143. Organisation of work of municipalities

I. Activity of municipalities is carried out by way of meetings, permanent and other commissions.

II. Meetings of municipalities are summoned by their chairmen.

Article 144. Authority of municipalities

I. The following questions are settled at the meetings of municipalities:

1. recognition of authority of municipality members, loss of their authority and termination of their authority according to legislation;

2. approval of in-house regulations of municipality;

3. elections of the chairman of municipality, his deputies, permanent and other commissions;

4. establishment of local taxes and duties;

5. approval of local budget and reports on its implementation;

6. possession of municipal property, use and disposal thereof;

7. acceptance and implementation of local programs of social protection and social development;

8. acceptance and implementation of local programs of economic development;

9. acceptance and implementation of local ecological programs.

II. Municipalities may be given additional authorities of legislative and executive power. To implement these authorities respective financing is required. Implementation of such authorities will be controlled respectively by legislative and executive power bodies.

Article 145. Decisions of municipalities

I. Concerning the agenda of the meetings of municipality decisions shall be taken.

II. Decisions at the meetings of municipality are taken by simple majority of voting members of municipality.

III. Decisions related to local taxes and duties are taken by majority of two thirds of votes of municipality members.

Article 146. Guarantee of inviolability of municipalities

I. Municipalities are independent to exercise their power; nevertheless it does not exclude their responsibility before the citizens residing in the territory of the municipality. Regulations and order for selection of the municipality members, termination of their power, and regulation for early dissolution of municipalities shall be set forth by law.

II. Independent execution by the municipalities of their powers may not damage the sovereignty of the Azerbaijani state.

III. The state oversees the activities of municipalities.

IV. Municipalities submit reports to the Milli Majlis of the Republic of Azerbaijan in cases and in the manner prescribed by law.

V. Municipalities shall be ensured protection by the court, and ensured reimbursement of additional expenses caused by decisions of the state bodies.