Psychologists of the Ministry of Emergency Situations attend social-psychological training at Ukraines National University of Civil Defense

On October 22-24, under the leadership of the chief of the medical and psychological assistance unit of the MES Main Department for Elimination of Consequences of the Emergency Situations, medical service Major Khanim Sofiyeva, the ministry's psychologists - senior advisor Sona Mammadova, lieutenant Davud Sultanov, lieutenant Ilgar Abbasov attended the social-psychological training on the theme "Self-Team-Others: psychological preparedness of rescuers in case of emergency situations" held by at the Center for Application of Psycho-training technologies of Ukraine's National University of Civil Defense.

The event was organized at the request of Ukraine's National University of National Defense with the view of implementing the intergovernmental agreement between the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Ukraine's Ministry of Emergency Situations in the field of preventing emergency situations and eliminating their consequences. 

The first day of the training focused on the formation of professional qualities of rescuers, team work and psychological assistance. The psychologists worked out express methods of minimizing professional stress, adapting to various emergency situations, watched videos, held practical lessons for increasing psychological tolerance.

In case of rescue and search-and-rescue operations, rescuers work in teams. The team work is very important for successful activity. Various exercises were held on the proper distribution of tasks, cooperation, common creative activity, mutually assistive skills.

The second day of the training was dedicated to the methods of psychological self-regulation. A man is able of controlling the body's hygiene, muscle function, thinking processes, while very often is not capable of controlling emotions. Failure to control emotions, mood has a negative impact not only on the attitude towards other people, but also on the fulfilment of professional duties. Therefore, rescuers, who are under the impact of negative emotions during rescue operations, should know how to reveal the effect of the stress factors, relieve psychic tension within a short period of time. Various methods for regulating emotional situations and behavior were practiced in the Relax room of the Center.

The third day of the training was dedicated to the activity of mass media in case of emergency situations, kinds of crowds and their management. The destructions, deaths, forced displacements caused by the natural, manmade emergency situations, wars, terrorist attacks have a negative impact on the physical, psychological, moral health of the people, disrupt their daily life, thousands of people become homeless, lose their family members, face material and moral deprivations. Under these circumstances it is important to inform the people about the situations and threats in time and properly, prevent the spread of rumours. Media outlets should help to relieve the people's emotional and psychological tension. Broad discussions were held on building proper communication with the media outlets in case of emergency situations.

At the end of the training the university's leadership held a meeting with the ministry's psychologists, it was said that future mutual cooperation was important for both sides, certificates were given to the participants of the training. Our employees expressed their gratitude for the invitation, exchange of experience and warm welcome.

MES Main Department for Elimination

of Consequences of the Emergency Situations


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