Burning of dump sites and shrubs must be prevented!

112 hotline of the Ministry of Emergency Situations regularly receives reports about burning of dump sites and shrubs. People are concerned about fires in the residential houses, big shopping malls, plants and other big facilities, while most ignore burning of dump sites and shrubs. Actually, every fire is an emergency situation. Very often massive fires are caused by small fires. The fire can not be called insignificant, if it spreads from the shrubs on the roadside to the forest, hundreds of hectares of areas burn out, or if the grain field is burnt and the fire spreads to the haystack, house and ecology.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations attaches special importance to every report received by 112 hotline, including a fire accident. Immediately after report on fire is received the nearest firefighting unit of the State Fire Protection Service is informed about it. The employees are sent to the site. Even though the fire is small, time is lost, fuel, public funds are spent. Moreover, firefighters refill the fire truck with the water, wash it and dry the fire hoses. Instead of extinguishing dump sites, shrubs burnt due to the negligence of the people, sometimes burnt by them deliberately, they can spend this energy on extinguishing fires in other places.

As seen, it is inadmissible to burn domestic wastes, shrubs and such fires are committed either due to the unawareness of their consequences, or deliberately.

Burning of cultivated areas spoils fertile layer of the land sites, disturbance of the balance of nutrients in the arable lands. Moreover, burning cultivated areas, dry shrubs pose a threat to other areas, residential areas and forests, causes failure of the engineering communication systems. At the same time burning of heating oil causes pollution of environment, influences people's health. Therefore, awareness-raising activities must be carried out among the people and local self-governing bodies, such fires must be prevented.

Department for raising awareness on fire safety of the

MES State Fire Control Service




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