Joint information of press-services of Prosecutor General’s Office and Ministry of Emergency Situations

On July 14, at 12.00 AM a branch of the tree planted in 1530 with 50 cm diameter broke suddenly and fell on the tourists in the yard of the Shaki Khan’s Palace.

As a result, 19 people got variously damaged and were placed in Shaki Central District Hospital.

They were given first aid. 4 people were placed in intensive care unit due to the severe problems in health.

Resuscitator, neurosurgeon, traumatologist and doctors of other specialties pf the Ministry of Health were sent to Shaki by helicopter of MES. Relevant persons of the Ministries of Emergency Situations, Ecology and Natural Resources, Culture, and Prosecutor General’s Office were sent to Shaki, too.

492 55 40 hotline of the Prosecutor General’s Office, 112 hotline of the Ministry of Emergency Situation and 498 78 46 hotline of the Ministry of Health were established related to the incident.

The incident and the treatment of the people got damaged are under the special control of President.

The public will be provided with information about the causes of the incident.


Information of MES’s press-service (Video)

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