The State Material Reserves Agency of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Azerbaijan announces the supply of high quality wheat produced in the country for the State Grain Fund in 2018

The State Material Reserves Agency of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Azerbaijan will accept grain through Sangachal Grain Elevator, Ganja Cereal Elevator, Absheron Taxil LLC, Davachi-Deyirman LLC, Karat Holding LLC, Karmen LLC, "Ganja-Deyirman" LLC, "Baku-Tahil" named after N. Guliyev OLC, "Aveta" LLC, "Neon" company, "EL-Babaturk" LLC, "Pak-Nur" company, "Khirman" LLC, "Rashad" Company, "Sema" FF Company, "Europe" company, "Yellow Spike" company, "Azeri-Arapoglu" US, T.Ltd JV and "Svinks" LLC companies from June 7 to September 1 of the current year from the local wheat producers at the price of 300 AZN for one ton. The grain have to meet  the following quality criteria for grain supplied to the State Grain Fund defined by the Appendix I to the "Rules of Storage and Use of State Grain Fund", approved by Decision # 105 of July 7, 2009 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Prices may vary according to the conjuncture of the grain market:

I. Pattern of Honey (grams per liter liter):

  • wheat - not less than 750 g / l

II. Weeds (garbage) mixture (percentage):

  • for wheat - not more than 2%

III. Mixture (percent):

  • for wheat - not more than 5 percent

IV. Moisture (in percent) - for all plants:

  • Not more than 13.0%

V. Adhesiveness: Class 3 wheat - not less than 23%

  • sticky quality: (indicator: 65-75)

VI. Waterfowl:

  • Class 3 wheat - not less than 40%

VII. Good and taste - all the plants are not allowed to smell, taste, spice or gourd plants and other smells and taste (kerosene, petrol, garlic and similar substances) that go into their processing products

VIII. Drills that have been slaughtered - are not allowed

IX. Damage to barbaric pests - is not permitted

X. Other signs - all quarantine and economically hazardous diseases for all plants, seeds of pests and weeds (animals infected with contagious or field-borne illnesses, toxic elements, radionuclides, pesticides, and also products cultivated in ecologically unfavorable farms) - Not allowed

We state that non-certified wheat products will not be accepted from the accredited laboratory for quality products that do not meet the requirements of these quality indicators. Drainage trucks are recommended for delivery.

Addresses for contact telephones and reception points (from 9:00AM to 6:00PM):

  • "Ganja Cereal Elevator": Ganja city, Azerbaijan military street-20, tel: 050-660-39-03;
  • "Sangachal Grain Elevator": 51nd km of the Baku-Salyan highway, Sangachal settlement of Garadagh district, tel: 050-218-30-06;
  • "Absheron Taxil" LLC: Absheron district, Khirdalan city, Shamakhi highway, tel: 012-342-90-04; 050-352-50-01;
  • "Davachi-Deyirman" LLC: Shabran city, Nizami str., 1, tel: 050-314-39-21;
  • Karat Holding: Khirdalan city, Shamakhi highway-23, tel: 050-222-38-36;
  • "Karmen" LLC: Absheron district, New Shamakhi highway - 23, phone: 050-223-18-93;
  • "Ganja-Deyirman" LLC: Ganja city, Kimyacılar str. - 1, phone: 050-265-80-75;
  • "Baku-Tahil" named after N.Guliyev: Darnagul settlement, settlement 2096. Tel. 012-566-00-44; 050-214-72-81;
  • "Aveta" LLC: Kurdamir city, 6 avenue, tel: 0-50-200-11-87;
  • "Neon" company: Ganja city, A.Aliyev str. 3, tel: 0-50-220-30-27;
  • "EL-Babaturk" LLC: Sulutapa settlement, R.Allahverdiyev 300, tel .: 012-346-08-08, 055-271-73-73;
  • Pak-Nur company: Khachmaz city, tel: 050-590-18-36;
  • "Khirman" LLC: Bilajari settlement, tel: 077-270-97-20;
  • "Rashad" firm: Barda city, tel: 050-215-99-00;
  • Svinks LLC: Khirdalan city, tel: 050-630-65-92;
  • "Azeri-Arapoglu" US, T.Ltd UN: Ganja city, tel: 050-222-65-22;
  • "Sema" FF: Baku city, tel: 050-311-52-51;
  • "Europe" company: Baku city, tel: 050-255-48-88;
  • "Yellow spike" company: Gilazi, tel: 050-212-29-66;

 Documents required for the receipt of grain supplied from domestic consignors:

  • A copy of compliance certificate issued by the State Committee for Standardization, Metrology and Patents of the Republic of Azerbaijan;
  • Internal quarantine certificate issued by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

For more information, please contact the Ministry of Emergency Situations at 012-512-50-25 and 070-271-71-33, as well as hot line 112.

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