Ministry of Emergency Situations calls the public to keep safety regulations on the beaches (Video)

Each and every one of us should know safety rules while spending time on the beach in summer!

It is prohibited on the beach:

  • To swim in non-allocated areas;
  • To swim beyond the marked swimming zone;
  • To swim in a windy weather;
  • To spend the night on the beach,
  • To be on the beach drunk;
  • To behave roughly in water;
  • To catch fish on the beach;
  • To sail boats and small vessels in the beach, only rescue boats are allowed!


  • Unsupervised children should not be on the beach, warning signs and the instruction plates should be observed, calls and demands of rescuers for your life safety should not be ignored!
  • Continuously remain under the scorching sun and to enter the water after its getting dark is dangerous!
  • Relaxation on the beaches is more safe from 9 am to 8 pm!

Remember: Rules indifference - is a threat to our lives!

Call to 112 in case of danger!

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