Ministry of Emergency Situations appealed to population on New Year's Eve fire regulations (Video)

The danger of fire is increasing considerably due to the New Year's Eve. Everyone should know some security rules regarding this:

  • The decorated wooden tree in the houses and in the festive places should be firmly fixed to the ground, the branches of the tree should not touch the ceiling or walls;
  • According to standard electrical equipment should be used in the lighting;
  • the tree should not be decorated with fast-fired toy;
  • fireworks should not be done in a closed space;

These should be taken into account when celebrating:

  • Festival should not be held above the second floor;
  • The walls, ceilings and floors of the room where the festival is held should be refractory;
  • Do not have an iron fence in the window;
  • space must have two exit;
  • Have a green lighted electric boards written on the spare door with the word "Exit";
  • the doors of the room must be opened to the outside;
  • not more than intended number of people should not be   in the festive space;
  • should not be fully turned off light at the festival;
  • Do not wear clothing which is fast-fired to the festival;
  • Festive spaces must be provided with the primary fire-extinguishing tools.

Remember: Indifference to the rules is a danger to our lives!

Call 112 in a danger moment !

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