Video conferences held on fire safety of sown areas

Due to the mowing season of grain and cereals, in order to ensure fire safety in sown areas of Yevlakh and Goychay regions, relevant headquarters were established in the executive authorities of those regions. On the initiative of the heads of the Aran Regional State Fire Control Department of the State Fire Control Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Yevlakh and Goychay regions Executive Authorities, representatives of the main service structures and executive authorities, chiefs of municipalities, as well as other relevant persons were represented at the headquarters.

Video conferences were held with the members of the headquarters under the leadership of the head of Yevlakh city Executive Authority Anar Taghiyev in Yevlakh city on June 16 and with the participation of the head of Goychay city Executive Authority Mehdi Salimzadeh in Goychay city on June 17. The importance of ensuring fire safety in connection with the mowing season of grain and cereals and current issues were discussed during the video conferences.

A representative of the Aran regional State Fire Control Department of the State Fire Control Service of the MES made a speech on ensuring fire safety in both video conferences.

The recommendations of the MES regarding fire safety were delivered, the importance of strengthening of raising awareness by the relevant agencies, full implementation of fire preventive measures in the sown areas, technical inspection of equipment were emphasized during the conferences.


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