MES Sumgayit Regional Center holds seminar-conference

Sumgayit Regional Center of the Ministry of Emergency Situations held a seminar-conference on the theme "Rules of behavior and fire safety in case of emergency situations" at the military unit N of State Border Service in Absheron district on August 21, 2019.

The aim of the event was to improve knowledge of the military unit¢s staff on the rules of behavior and civil defense, taking prophylactic measures to prevent fire and explosions. 

The event was attended by the employees of Sumgayit Regional Center, 1st area State Fire Control Department and staff of the military unit.

Speeches were made on the themes "Classification of emergency situations", "How to behave in case of quake", "What to do in case of flood and mudslide", "Rules of behavior in case of fire in household", "Use of fire extinguishers", "Beach safety rules", "Carbon monoxide" and "112" hotline", video clips were screened on the topics.

Questions on the themes were answered, awareness-raising materials, booklets distributed at the end of the event.

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