MES Mughan Regional Center holds awareness-raising event

On August 21, 2019, MES Mughan Regional Center organized an awareness-raising event on the theme "Rules of behavior on emergency situations" at Sabirabad region Road Operation department.

The aim of the event was to instill the knowledge on the rules of behavior in case of emergency situations in the facility's staff.

Speeches were made on the natural and manmade emergency situations, people's safety in water basins, prophylactics of carbon monoxide poisoning, “112” hotline.

Video clips were screened, questions were answered at the event.

MES State Fire Control Service continues awareness-raising events

Awareness-raising events were held at Gargujag village secondary school of Goranboy region by Aran regional State Fire Control Department of MES State Fire Control Service, at Astara city secondary school №5 by South  regional State Fire ...

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Awareness-raising events underway

Awareness-raising events were held at Aghjabadi city secondary school №3 and Barda Gas Supply Station by Karabakh regional State Fire Control Department of MES State Fire Control Service......

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MES State Fire Protection Service and Baku Metro CJSC hold review-competition

State Fire Protection Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations jointly with Baku Metro CJSC held “The best voluntary firefighting team” review-competition among the voluntary firefighting teams of the Metro’s structural units on November 1, 2019. ...

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