Awareness-raising events being continued

Awareness-raising events were held at Shamakhi region Central Hospital by North-West regional State Fire Control Department of MES State Fire Control Service, at Hajigabul city Housing Operation Area №1,  Neftchala Service Area of Salyan regional Gas Supply Department by Mughan regional State Fire Control Department, at Barda city Children's Creativity Center №4, Horadiz city Hospital, Aghjabadi city nursery-kindergarten №6 by Karabakh regional State Fire Control Department, at Yevlakh State Agrarian Development Center, Goychay Telecommunication Unit, Ujar city kindergarten №2 and Goranboy city kindergarten №3 by Aran  regional State Fire Control Department, at Masalli region State Agrarian Development Center by South regional State Fire Control Department, at the Post office №2 located in Khirdalan city by  the 1st area State Fire Control Department on August 19, 2019.

Detailed information was given on the topics “Rules of observation of fire safety at medical facilities”, “Fire safety rules for administrative buildings”, “Carbon monoxide hazard”, “Fire safety in household”, “When to call “112” hotline”, “Rules of using fire extinguisher”, as well as about fire safety rules of the facilities during the events. It was noted that the area must be kept clean, provided with primary fire extinguishers according to normative documents, evacuation plans must be prepared in case of fire. It is inadmissible to install additional rooms on the staircases, water supply-water pools, water pipelines, tanks and hydrants for extinguishing fire must be taken with care.

Rules of using primary fire extinguishers were demonstrated, leaflets, booklets on the themes “To the notice of citizens”, “Rules of behavior in case of fire” were distributed among the participants at the events. 

Fire safety must be observed in grain fields, pastures and forest fund areas

Headquarters were set up at Tartar and Jalilabad region Executive Authorities with the view of preventing fires in the sown areas in connection with ensuring fire safety....

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Fire safety discussed

A relevant headquarters was established at Region Executive Authority with the view of ensuring fire safety while collecting, delivering, storage......

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Video conferences held on fire safety of sown areas

Due to the mowing season of grain and cereals, in order to ensure fire safety in sown areas of Yevlakh and Goychay regions, relevant headquarters were established in the executive authorities......

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