MES Aran Regional Center holds awareness-raising event

Aran Regional Center of the Ministry of Emergency Situations jointly with other regional bodies of the MES held an awareness-raising event on the theme “Rules of behavior in case of emergency situations” at Yevlakh city Hygiene and Epidemiology Center on June 28, 2019.

The event aimed at instilling knowledge on the classification of natural and man-made emergency situations, the cause of emergency situations, rules of behavior in case of fire in household.

Speeches were delivered on the themes “Classification of emergency situations”, “How to behave in case of quake”, “Rules of behavior in case of flood and mudslide”, “Use of fire extinguishers”, “Fire in household”, “Rules of safety on the beach” and “112” hotline”.

Photo slide and video clip on the topics were screened, questions were answered at the end of the event.


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