Awareness-raising activities held at Regional centers

Awareness-raising events on the theme “Rules of behavior and fire safety in case of emergency situations” were organized by MES Baku Regional Center at secondary school No107 in Sabunchu district, by MES North Regional Center at Yenikend village secondary school of Siyazan region, by MES South Regional Center at Lankaran city Children's Polyclinic.

Detailed information was given to the staff of these facilities on the causes of natural and manmade emergency situations, fire safety in power supply, safe use of gas in household, rules of behavior in case of lightning, flood and mudslide.

Speeches were made on the rules of using fire extinguishers, the role of "112" hotline in eliminating the consequences of emergency situations.

Questions were answered, photos and videos were screened on the topics at the end of the event

MES State Fire Control Service holds awareness-raising events

Awareness-raising events were held at Ganja city secondary school №36 by Ganja regional State Fire Control Department of MES State Fire Control Service, at Amig village “Park Qusar” Recreation Center of Gusar......

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Event on the occasion of October 18 - State Independence of the Republic of Azerbaijan held at Isotope special enterprise

Trade Union of the Employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations organized an event on the occasion of October 18 - State Independence Day of Azerbaijan at MES Isotope special enterprise on October 18, 2019. ...

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MES Main Department for Organization of Civil Defense holds awareness-raising event

Main Department for Organization of Civil Defense of the Ministry of Emergency Situations held awareness-raising event at Kaspi Agh Shahar Lyceum on October 17, 2019. ...

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