MES International Search and Rescue Team holds tactical-special exercise

Tactical-special exercise was held with the staff of the International Search and Rescue Team on March 19, 2019.

The aim of the exercise on the theme "Management of activity of the International Search and Rescue Team's participation in providing international aid to the country hit by natural disaster" was to raise awareness of staff of the Team regarding the rules applied by the International Search and Rescue Advisory Group (INSARAG).

Furthermore, improving knowledge and skills of the administrative staff in the area of the international search and rescue activities is one of the main goals. 

Firstly, a meeting was held with the participation of staff of the International Search and Rescue Team in order to the preparation of the exercise. Presentations were held, the participants' questions were answered with the view of improving theoretical knowledge of the staff during the meeting.

With the view of bringing to readiness the International Search and Rescue Team and sending it to take part in the international search and rescue operations for the country, which simulated apply for aid, tasks were implemented on the assessment of the situation in the accident site, management of the mutual operations and rescue of the people trapped under the rubble. 

Instilling practical skills on protecting life and health and observation of technical safety rules during the international humanitarian assistances was kept in the focus of attention.

The tasks set during the exercise were achieved.

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