MES Baku Regional Center holds regional conference

Baku Regional Center of the Ministry of Emergency Situations held a methodical meeting on the theme "Outcomes of 2019, upcoming tasks for 2020 in the area of civil defense", as well as regional conference on the theme "Joint activity of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, local executive authorities and self-governing bodies in ensuring fire safety" at Sabail district executive authority on November 8, 2019.

The aim of event was to analyze the current state of civil defense in the district, discuss the ways of eliminating the problems and shortcomings in this sphere, strengthen organization of civil defense, prepare the people for the emergency situations, take prophylactic and preventive measures in ensuring fire safety on the eve of the autumn-winter season, organize awareness-raising activities and mobilize people for these activities, discuss existing problems and find ways of solution.

The event was attended by the officials of Sabail District Executive Authority, local executive and self-governing bodies, education, healthcare facilities, gas, power and water supply bodies, housing utilities and other relevant facilities, as well as employees of MES Baku Regional Center, State Fire Control and State Fire Protection services.

Making a keynote speech at the conference, the first deputy head of Sabail district executive authority Vugar Shikhammadov spoke about the importance of the events organized for ensuring fire safety.

Speeches were delivered on the themes "The work done to organize civil defense in the district and upcoming tasks in 2019", "The state of warning systems in the district", "The state of engineering safety in the district" and "The state of chemical safety in district". Participants were informed on the state of warning systems, collective protection installations and personal protective means, the shortcomings and ways of solving them.

Information was given about the work to be done in the solution of the problems related to civil defense by the heads of Housing Utilities and other relevant facilities.

Representatives of the MES State Fire Control Service and Sabail district State Fire Protection Unit made speeches on the themes "Causes of fires in residential areas: potential threats and ways of eliminating them" and "Problems emerging in the firefighting process and ways of solving them". The statistics of fire and carbon monoxide accidents for 2018 and 9 months of 2019 was compared, information given about the causes of fire accidents, recommendations given on the ways of protection from them.

Employees of the District Power Supply and Sale Department, Central Technical Exploitation Service of Baku Regional Gas Exploitation Department, Housing Utlities, District Police Office, Emergency aid station made speeches on the themes "The current state of power supply in the district, problems and ways of solving them", "The current state of gas supply in the district, problems and ways of solving them", "The state of fire safety in the residential buildings" and "First aid in case of fire".

Video clips on fire safety, carbon monoxide and rules of using fire extinguishers were screened, questions answered during the conference.

Appropriate instructions were given to the heads of relevant services and facilities on eliminating the shortcomings in the areas of civil defense and fire safety.

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