MES international rescue team holds table exercise

April 14, 2017, with the participation of the Emergency Situations Ministry's Head Operation,  international relations, organization of work with the regional centers, Head project management and educational issues and public relations departments, as well as the civil defense troops, the Special Risky Rescue Service, the Crisis Management Center and the MES Academy officers international rescue table exercise was held.

The exercise objective was to increase knowledge and skills of the MES international rescue team.  An earthquake was imitated and the team interacted with other International relief teams who were later arriving in the disaster affected country.  International Search and Rescue Advisory Group’s (INSARAG), guidelines, procedures and instructions were followed.

interacting with the Local Emergency Management Agency, Reception / Dispatch Center (RDC), On-Site Operations Coordination Centre (OSOCC), Base of Operation (BOO) were deploying the arriving International relief teams in the disaster zones to carry out rescue support to the pioneered Azerbaijani team to rescue affected victims. Appropriate paper work, including information sheets and report forms were prepared. Time delay prevention, urgent response measures were analyzed carefully

The exercise resulted in achievement of the objectives set ahead.

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