General information

Regulations of Mughan Regional Center  - Approved by the Order No 075 of 7 October 2009 of the Minister of Emergency Situations.

Brief information about the coverage area
Located in the central eastern part of the Azerbaijan Republic. Azərbaycan Respublikasının mərkəzi şərq hissəsində yerləşir. Includes 1 city, 7 administrative districts, 311 villages, 13 settlements.

  • Area -10854,3 km2
  • Population - 810692 (by January 2011)

The area occupied by Mughan Regional Center is located in a seismically active zone & has areas risky with landslides & overflows. Explosions and fires, destructions of buildings and facilities, transport and other accidents inherent to other cities of the Republic are also common in areas covered by Mughan RC

Address: AZ 5206, 9 Boyukagha Talybly street, Salyan region
Phones: (994 12) 512-32-00, (021 25) 5- 56-09
Fax: (012) 512-32-28