International relations

Brief information on cooperation between respective bodies of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and Ministry of Emergency situations of Azerbaijan Republic

During official visit of Ilham Aliyev, the president of Azerbaijan Republic to Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan on July 29-30, 2007, the contract was signed between government of Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and Azerbaijan Republic on cooperation in the field of execution of emergency situations on July 30. 

Organization of granting mutual assistance  to third countries and mutual aid on abolition of results of natural and anthropogenic emergency situations if it is  necessary; formation and implementation of joint projects about technical, social and humanitarian cooperation; preparation of the proposals on improvement of legislation about issues included to the authority of the parties; development of cooperation in the field of  youths, volunteers, sport and other social movements included to the activity of the parties; exchange of the persons passed the training, teachers, scientists, specialists and other collaborators and arrangement of preparation of specialists in the educational institutions of parties and planning, using and carrying out of the joint working consultations, seminars, conferences, educational courses, trainings, research projects sport and other measures; exchange of periodical publication, methodical and scientific and technical literature, results of research works, video, photo and other materials are considered in the contract signed  for strengthening of  bilateral cooperation in the field of prevention of natural and anthropogenic emergency situations and  abolition their results.

Mr. Avad Hijazi, director of constructional works, Diwan of Kingdom of Jordan and Jamal Muhsin, project director paid a visit to Azerbaijan Republic on July 20-22, 2010 in order to acquaint closely with works implemented in the field of construction, constructional materials, local situations and demand and to carry out presentation of the construction projects completed as soon as in low price,  earthquake resistant techniques prove their value in the constructions to be implemented in the great  residential areas, considered for construction of  few storeyed building from prefabricated iron and concrete panels  produced in open terms and their meeting was held in  State Agency for Control on security in construction and Ministry of Emergency Situations of Azerbaijan  Republic.

Collaborators of “AZARDOVLATLAYIHA” Institute of State Head Project, State Agency for control on security in construction of Ministry of Emergency Situations paid a visit to Jordan on April 4-6, 2011 with the invitation of Engineering department of King Divan in order to reacquaint with construction projects completed in low price and implemented on the basis of special technology.